Thursday, 9 September 2021

Like Chocolate

 Just like the chocolate

That tastes more poignant

When it's warm

Instead of when it's cold

Are our words more significant

When they're warm and compassionate

But, just like the chocolate

As it's better for you 

The darker and less sweetened that it is;

Our words are of benefit

When they're less processed into sweetness

And more natural and true.

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Kitty Cat

Mama dropped me at this place

And dubbed it my 'New Home'

I can almost smell from a mile away

It's inhabited by some gnome

Mushrooms, peas and potatoes

Every single kind of bean

The smell is almost stupefying

Kill me with your cuisine!

My Royal Highness, Lady Sophie

How cheaply was I escorted

No red carpet, no hearty feast

No crown on my head

To your surprise, to my demise

This wasn't the worst of news

There isn't just one dwarf in here

They're, instead, in multitudes

They fight, they snatch from each other

They even hit and run

My Lord, they are utterly savage

Are they miniatures of a human?

"Kitty, Kitty, Kitty", they say

My little neck they tickle

"Devil, Devil, Devil", I purr

Your finger, I'd love to nibble!

I, the one, who slurped pure milk 

With turkey and poached tunas

Is sitting here, around the corner

Gulping down packaged Whiskas

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Grief

For those of us who take the dart to the heart with a smile
There's no one who gets to see our melting points
They shut their eyes just like we veil our cries
And everyone pretends nothing's out of order.
In all this pretense of
N o r m a l i s a t i o n
Somewhere inside us
the pieces keep shattering down
While people keep coming around
Giving a little extra pain to shove down.
Pointless arguments
same merciless tones
There's not an inch of empathy
not even a little humanity.
How would have I known
Some grieves are for you to bear alone
Maybe it's not even a legit grief
when you lose someone that only you have known.

With piercing agony
inside our beings
we flash smiles like it's a good holiday
while all we go through is another agonizing day
Shattered souls and aching bodies
Broken hearts with unwritten stories
No proper theme,
not title to give;
what have I just been through?
how could this be so much,
and yet be so 'nothing'?
How could an event,
an interval of life,
longer than 10 weeks
be recorded shorter than a heartbeat?
How can something be forgotten before its even over? 
A loss remains a loss
whether acknowledged or not.
The pain remains intact
despite all the varnish.
And a place in the heart forever remains
Occupied by the same inhabitant.
And time and again
the specks of grief 
shine through the eyes again.

I am grateful you dropped by, even if it was just for a moment...
I don't even know if you're counted; but in my heart, you're permanent.

You both remain loved and unforgotten - within my existence.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Memories are treasured in hearts n souls
Of friends n people who possess eminent roles
In life; n of people who endeavor their very best
To convert the weary heart into a heart of zest
Their love, their care, their help n support
Every praise, every blame upsurges the rapport
These allies, these friends, although, miles apart
Till the farewell breath, reside in the heart...

My Lost Poet

The weaver of stories
The twister of words
Where within me is she?
Where is she lost?

Creativity, it's where?
Where is my flair?
Those sentimental words
Those phrases of care

My dagger-like anger
My grief, a killer
Where is that me in me?
Where is that thriller?

Everything, it's lost
Not a bit strung along
My words fail me
All's gone, so long

My poetry, so plain
My words, so bland
My heart, it's mute
My thoughts, they're blank

Without you, I'm bare
With you, I'm alive
I seek you within me
In you, let me dive

So when is your comeback
Oh poet-girl of me?
When will you return
Belong once again to me...?

Ye Silsilay...

Kabhi hans liye, kabhi ro diye,
Kabhi lar paray, phir jaa milay
Ajab hai apni dastan-e-wafa
Baray munfarid hain ye silsilay

Mein lakh khud se kehti rahun
Nahin khair se ab rahi fikr mujhay
Tu rooth ja, mujhe chor ja
Juda tujhse huay mere rastay

Perr yadein meri, betien mere
Tujhi se wabastah rahay
Na yahan rang bache, na koi khushi
Jo barh gae hum men faaslay

Men kahun to kya, samjhaun to kya
Men haar chuki apnay hoslay
Tu mujhse alag, to men khud se juda
Na yun tanha chorr ker jaa mujhay...

Lonely Horizons

Either I deceive myself and pretend it's okay,
Or shrug off my egoistical silence for you to stay.
Either you halt your sneaky melodramatic tales,
Or let the storm at sea, sweep this friendship away!
It's like an obscure battle amongst two warriors
It's like a jumbled dialogue between elite performers;
You dampen my spirits when I caress your heart,
I snub you devotion when you embrace my soul.
Strayed travelers we were, before clasping the palms
Astray we go again, since our battles have begun.
Deserted my island was, lonely were my seasons
Oh welcome, Sweet Solitude! Re-occupy your horizons!